Our Mission


Our mission is to help people succeed. We serve our society by helping people find jobs and helping businesses find the people and human resource services they need . We focus on providing work-related solutions that enable our customers to reduce time and complexity in managing the work. Customer satisfaction and great service is our ultimate goal.

Man Holding a Clipboard Inside a Room


Our Values


We take pride in the services we provide. We earn respect and honesty through the relationships we build with our staff and employers. We value each and every employee and employer to ensure we build respectable relationships, to optimize service provided for both parties. 



Our Vision


Finding the most suitable home for our employees to fulfill the needs of our companies. Watson Employment wants to help people in the community build the foundation for their future. This starts with us.

Watson Employment is an everyday growing recruitment agency that provides the link between future employees and employers to successfully find the perfect fit.

Our goal at Watson Employment is to not only decrease unemployment rate and increase employment opportunities, but to pair each company with the fitting employees.  We want to be the staffing solution for local employees.